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Time of Glory Counseling Services Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Healing Damaged Emotions

October 2018

Why not heal? When a person breaks their leg, they go to a doctor to seek healing.  If you catch a virus, you take the necessary time to heal from the virus. Sometimes a cast, crutches, antibiotics,  and medications, etc. is needed until healing has taken place. Why is it so hard for people to realize that sometimes your emotions need to be healed? Emotional healing is possible. Mental Health should be a priority. 

Life happens to us all. The impact of some of life's events and experiences can have a negative impact on the emotional state of a person. Emotions are neither good nor bad, they just are. Men are told at a young age not to cry. Women are told as young girls to stop crying. It's not the fact that a person has an emotional display or outburst that determines if and when they should cry. There are times when tears are needed to bring forth healing. My point is that at some point we must understand why we emote and to what degree the emotions come forth. Are your emotions stable? Do you overreact to minor situations frequently? Do you wear your feelings on your sleeve? Emotional health is important!

Damaged Emotions equate to the scars of our thoughts and emotions, that have not healed; The memories are recorded in our minds (conscious and subconscious) and in our hearts. And they negatively directly and deeply affect our concepts, our feelings, and our relationships. They affect the way we look at life and God, at others and ourselves. It means your vision is off.

Disappointment, anger, stress, broken relationships, loss of a loved one can bring about pain that needs to be processed. It is important to learn how to process your emotional pain to completion. This means that you learn to come to a place of acceptance and understanding regarding your pain and that doesn't mean that you agree with how you were hurt or disappointed. 

Trauma is caused by a stressful event(s) that is outside of a normal range and leaves you in distress (mentally & physically), in pain, full of regret, discontented. Learning to discuss your emotional health will help you and those to whom you are in relationship with. The process of healing is a journey that we all should and must take. 

Henri Nouwen says, "That there will be times in life when a person will be taken on a journey not of their own choosing. Those who have struggled with the difficult and at times debilitating affects of emotional wounding and sometimes resulting in psychological disorders". 

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