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         BECOMING H.E.R. 



Share your BECOMING H.E.R. story as you wear your T-shirt. Use it as a conversation starter to encourage another woman to be on the journey of becoming H.E.R. (HEALED.EVOLVED.RENEWED)

                                                               OUR STORY

Becoming HER is about becoming the best version of yourself possible. This means being defined by your truth without having to constantly compare yourself to others. Becoming H.E.R.  is about living with the distinct awareness of your individual core values connected to your personal strengths. Becoming H.E.R.  also means having a resolution of your past and a flawless determination to live as your authentic self in every way. As a Matter of fact —Becoming H.E.R.  is about who you’re becoming without apology for who you’ve been —while Becoming H.E.R.  your true self emerges beholding a healthy self image, a deep sense of self love combined with a self motivating commitment to personal growth  derived from a high level of self awareness that highlights your personal inner beauty. Be free to Become H.E.R.. HEALED.EVOLVED.RENEWED in every way. #becomingher

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